International Education Consultancy (IEC)

We are a leading UK based Education Consultancy (agent) enabling international students to achieve their dream of attending a UK university of their choice. We have built our reputation by focusing on what the student wish to achieve. Wherever you are in the globe, our objective is to help you achieve your dream.

We strongly believe that offering a service to assist in finding the right UK university education for you can still be personal. We want to help you follow your dream, as we have with so many.

IEC is your route to a UK university


We want to be there to support students from all over the world to study in the UK as their first step to achieve their desire and live their life fully.

We know that studying in the UK offers valuable international experience, it broadens horizons, offering the opportunity to gain that advantage in the job market. Friendships made at university last a lifetime.

We know that the UK is a sought-after destination due to its history, English language, reputation for high-quality education and now competitively priced degrees. UK universities are keen to welcome and support overseas students during and after their study. We are committed to helping international students achieve their dream.

The process of applying to UK universities can be a challenging and complex for students and their families. There are real issues of access to trustworthy advice for choosing the right course and university. We know this is a major decision for any young adult. Great advice and support can make all the difference between a fantastic choice and a poor one. IEC believes we offer the advice and support that is second to none for supporting students achieve their dream education.

We believe international students should have access to professional advice about UK universities and their courses. Students need to be supported by professional and experienced advisers throughout their whole journey: from their first enquiry, the choice if university, through the application process, their arrival in the UK and throughout their time at university. We believe we offer students this support and are their bridge to a UK university education.

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